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ASA provides specialized equipment along with patient and experienced Wingmen (volunteer runners). They will become a team and cross the finish line together no matter what the obstacle.

We work with individuals from 5 years of age to over 65.

Yes, at this time ASA’s focus is to serve only those living with limited mobility.

Most of our ASA Communities are located in Central Maryland. We have groups that train and race on a regular basis in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County , Dauphin County PA, Frederick County, Harford County, and Howard County.

Yes, family members and caregivers are welcome to participate, but it is not necessary. Athletic ability is not the main focus of our program, we are more excited about hearts than legs. Only a small portion of our ASA Athletes have family members who participate in group run and racing events.

Our focus is on mainstream running events. We compete mostly in local 5ks, 10ks, Ten Milers, Half Marathons, and Full Marathons.

To date, through countless grantors, corporate sponsors, donors, and volunteers, and our volunteer Wingmen we have been able to offer our program at no cost to our ASA Athletes with disabilities and their families.

We do require that ASA Athletes attend two Group Runs before participating in their first race as well as one Group Run a month throughout the racing season (April – November). We guarantee every ASA Athlete six races each year.

All of our staff, key volunteer Community Coordinators, and Wingmen Captains are background checked, and have proven their character and trustworthiness over the years. Every ASA Athlete, training or racing, is always accompanied by an ASA Captain who has been background checked (every two years). We have a volunteer screening process, a volunteer code of conduct, and rules of the road.

As a Parent Wingman we ask that you be able to run, not walk, the entire distance of your desired race. A Wingman Team consists of an ASA Athlete, a Captain, and several WingMen. You and your ASA Athlete will be paired with a Captain who will manage your team. You and the other Wingmen on your team will share the pushing and will work together to cross the finish line. The pace of the team is managed by the Captain and is never faster than the slowest Wingman. Our focus is not about how quickly we cross the finish line but on the time we spend together on the race course.

Additional Questions?

Email Julie Anderson to set up time to speak with a member of our Program Team.