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ASA’s mission is to elevate the quality of life for individuals with limited mobility by empowering them to train for and participate in mainstream running events. We are a champion of inclusion, connecting ASA Athletes to runners from the community through our Wingman Program, inspiring all to celebrate the spirit of “Together We Finish!” Through tremendous community support and investment, ASA provides The Wingman Program free of charge to the ASA Athletes and families we serve.


ASA’s vision is multi-faceted, including:

  • To increase confidence, self-esteem, dignity, and the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.
  • To be a recognized leader in a movement through which individuals with disabilities feel an overwhelming sense of belonging.
  • To break down the barriers of inaccessibility that still exist today.
  • To promote inclusion by nurturing lasting and authentic relationships based on respect and love.
  • To positively impact perceptions about individuals with disabilities.
  • To inspire the community at large to give more of themselves through service to others.
  • To motivate all to lead active and healthy lifestyles.


Our relationships are mission-driven and value-centered through Inspiration, Dignity, Courage, and Connection.


We will awaken the community’s awareness to the reality that anyone can elevate the quality of life for another. 


We will be steadfast in our commitment to make every member of our community feel loved, significant, and accepted.


We will be bold in our encouragement of all people to have big dreams and move beyond their "status quo."


We will strive to create a safe, authentic community that celebrates diversity and fosters healthy relationships.


ASA was founded in 2007 by a group of Baltimore area athletes, who were inspired by the father-son racing team of Rick and Dick Hoyt. Rick, the son who utilizes a wheelchair for mobility, told his dad upon finishing their first road race, “Dad when I’m running it feels like I’m not handicapped!”
David Slomkowski, ASA’s current Executive Director, started ASA to provide individuals with limited-to-no-mobility, an opportunity to compete in mainstream running events. After sharing his vision with his network of friends and family, ASA was formed as a 501(c)(3).


To see ASA in action, watch our movie, The Power of We, here.