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It depends on the distance, but generally 2-4 Wingmen plus 1 Wingman Captain who manages the team.

A Wingman Captain is the manager assigned to each Wingman team. He/She has participated as a Wingman for at least one year, completes a background check every two years, and has been trained on how to lead a Wingman Team.

Learn more about Wingman Captains Here.

A Wingman team runs the entire race together and each team member has the opportunity to push the Athlete in their jogger.

The Team never runs faster than the slowest Wingman. Our focus is on being together not on the pace or the finish time.

Wingmen work together to provide encouragement and emotional and physical support to help an ASA Athlete experience the thrill of crossing the finish line.

A Wingman must be at least 14 years old or completed the 7th grade.

Wingmen commit to raise $365/year, due on December 15th.  High School and College students commit to raise $150. After December 15th, any remaining funds due will be charged to your credit card on file. 

Incentives (like ASA sweatshirts, gym duffles, and more) are offered throughout the year for Wingmen that raise above and beyond $365.

We provide each Wingman with a fundraising link to send to friends and family and post on social media. 

Every Wingman must be able to run at least a 12:30 minute/mile run pace for a 5k distance. 

You must be able to run (not walk) the full distance of your desired race, and we’re happy to help you determine an appropriate race distance.  Captains are responsible for managing a pace that works for all Wingmen on your team. If you need assistance training, check out our Running Resources for running trails and groups near you.

Our focus is on the team connections and community building aspect of our program.

Wingmen are required to attend one Group Run per month during our running season (mid-March through mid-November) and may not race until they have trained at least once.

You can find the Group Runs Schedule here.

Please be sure to sign up for any Group Run that you’d like to attend. Cancellations of a Group Run are only announced through Signup Genius.

You are welcome to train and race in any of our communities.

We’d love to have anyone interested in our program join us for a Group Run, you do not need to be a member of our organization.

Click HERE to see our Group Run schedule.

You may join any Group Run in any area by clicking on the area that you’re interested in and signing up in the “Interested in checking it out” column. 

Please note: you must sign up ahead of time and complete the waiver in order to participate.

You will primarily work with your Community Coordinator to determine which race(s) you’d like to participate in.

Once that has been determined, your Community Coordinator will provide you with instructions to register and any information you need for race day.

You are welcome to train and race in any area, so to sign up for any races outside of your community,  visit our Race Calendar and email the “contact” listed next to the race that you’d like to participate in. 

Outside of your commitment to  join us for 2-3 races each season, we invite all Wingmen to race and train as often as you like.

Community Coordinators put great thought into building the ASA Race Day Teams.

A week before your race, you will receive a Race Day Document with information about your team assignment, packet pickup procedures, start location, start time, and anything else you need to know to prepare for race day.

We encourage family members to join in and race as part of their Athlete’s Wingman Team. You must be able to meet the Wingman requirements as outlined (family Wingmen do not need to fundraise).

Please note that there is no requirement for parents/family members to race with their Athlete.

Additional Questions?

Email Julie Anderson to set up time to speak with a member of our Program Team.