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ASA SPOTLIGHT: Zach Scherrer


Join us each month as we interview and feature members of the ASA Community! This month, we're shining the spotlight on ASA Athlete Zach Scherrer!

Tell us a little more about yourself. What would you like readers to know?

Zach is 22 and currently lives with his parents, sister (Kaci), and dog (Zoey). Zach has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. At the time he was born, only 20% of the individuals with this syndrome survived past age 2. Zach beat those odds and although small for his age, continues to slowly grow and thrive. Zach is non-verbal, and although he will occasionally use a couple of signs, he mostly communicates with facial and physical expressions. He loves to stay busy, and besides racing his favorite thing to do is listen to music and people-watch.

Zach has recruited a few captains – Zach’s dad, Tom, and cousin, Erik, are both ASA Captains and his sister Kaci is in the Wingman in Training program.

What drew you to ASA? When did you start?

Zach started ASA in September 2013. His first race was the Ravens 5K run and he absolutely loved it.  Zach found out about ASA from his mom, Dawn, who’s co-worker was a friend of Dave Slomkowski. He did one run and the rest was history. The smile on his face during that first run showed that he loved being involved with ASA. His face lit up when he heard others cheering and yelling his name.

What do you love most about ASA?

The people are what we love most about ASA. Everyone is so friendly and always encouraging each other. Everyone we have met through ASA truly cares.

Tell us more about the people you have met through ASA.

Through ASA we have met others that may have a different story or background but in the end they just want the athletes to feel loved, supported and included. No matter what your ability is, everyone is appreciated for what they “can” do.

What is your favorite part of race day?

Zach’s favorite part of race day is the start of the race when everyone starts cheering and running at once. As soon as the horn blows and the race starts, you can see the excitement on his face.

What is your best ASA story to date?

Although ASA doesn’t bike or do the camping trips any longer, his best ASA story was July 2017 during the bike ride at the C&O canal. The mud was splashing up on Zach while being pulled by the bike and he absolutely loved it. He was covered with mud at the finish line and had to be hosed down. You could tell it was one of his best days ever! (Pictured in last photo!)

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