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A Message From Executive Director David Slomkowski:

Great organizations share common characteristics: one is service, and you cannot truly serve without sacrifice. The people that comprise these organizations sacrifice on an individual level, for the greater good of the whole. ASA has become a glowing example of this, and I would argue that the collective sacrifices of each member of our community is a significant part of our success.

I refer to our organization as WingMan Nation, made up of different key stakeholders including board members, staff members, coordinators, WingMen, ASA Athletes, their families and support networks.

One of the key stakeholder groups of ASA is our Board of Directors. They work humbly behind the scenes, but make no mistake, they have been and continue to be a key component to our continued success.

Personally, I find great inspiration and confidence from their sacrifices to keep fighting this great fight. ASA has evolved in many ways over the last 14 years, and our board is a great example of that. 

From the early years led by Geoff Miller and Steve Moritz, to our current board led by Kevin McNulty, the quality of our members is second to none. These individuals continuously give their time, treasure, and talents for the good of ASA. 

It is my honor to introduce ASA’s new board members!


NFM Lending

“I’m excited to join the ASA board because everyone I’ve met is so passionate about their work. I look forward to contributing my expertise in developing strategies around Human Resources, diversity, fundraising, and philanthropy to make a difference in the lives of those with limited mobility.”


McCormick & Company

“I am excited to join the board because there is no better way to give back to the community than by doing it while doing something you love!”


UHY Advisors, Inc.

“I am excited to learn more and serve on the ASA Board. I know that ASA’s desire to promote inclusive experiences for our athletes is something I am very excited to support.”


Shapiro Sher Guinot & Sandler

“I am excited and humbled to now be an ASA board member so that I can continue to serve such an incredible group and further its mission of empowering our Athletes and their families.”


Wye River Upper School

“The work that ASA does to connect and build community is so critical in breaking down the barriers of disability and providing more equal opportunities. The joy you get from ASA is contagious. You will never meet a team more full of heart than this one. I am grateful to be a part of it.”


Gallagher Wealth Management Services, LLC

“Over the last 14 years, I have watched ASA move from ‘ideas’ to ‘implementation.’ I have seen incredible team members and volunteers alike step into the mix and provide their talents, energies and dedication toward touching the lives of others. I am truly excited to begin the journey with each of them as we continue to push ASA to its best. As a Team, a Community, and a Family, we’ll help ASA continue its incredible mission. Together We Finish!”


The Greeley Company

“I was looking for a way to get involved with ASA again after a knee injury, so when I heard there were open spots on the board I knew it was the perfect opportunity. I had been a Captain and Wingman in the past, and I really connect with the organization’s vision and mission. I love to see the Athletes’ excitement when they are racing and training in the fresh air!”

Want to meet the rest of the board?

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